My name is Aristide Tofani, I’m a third-generation italian tailor and manager at Sartoria Tofani, an ancient Italian Tailoring firm founded in 1954 which deals in the finest bespoke menswear, completely handmade in Italy. Ever since I was young, my dream has been to produce perfect clothing and tailor luxury suits that serve as a second skin to my customers. And today, I have achieved that dream, during the last years I have been travelling all around the world to host fashion shows with top tier clients, at the moment I host 4 events a year in each of these cities: New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Zurich and plan to expand to three new capitals of Asia by the end of this year.

My family has been in the top tier luxury bespoke menswear for the last 60 years and have been working with a vast number of clients interested in the top tier luxury menswear, travelling and lifestyle.

I spent the last 7 years of my life promoting our craftsmanship art on the internet and social media and I was able to build an audience of hundred thousands of followers.